The Qwest Scientific Team

Our representative firm business model is based on Customer Focused sales consulting for a selected group of laboratory instrumentation vendors.


Company Mission Statement: Since 1993, we have focused on these goals:

To supply industrial and laboratory users with a choice of reliable, affordable products and analyzers from established manufacturers of quality instrumentation.

To support our customers with application solutions and technical support.

To secure strong market shares for our principal manufacturers.
Business Model
Qwest Scientific is a professional sales organization representing high quality laboratory products ranging from chromatography (i.e. LC and GC), spectrometers (i.e. LC-MS, GC-MS and ICP-MS), spectrophotometers (i.e. UV/VIS, Raman, and XRF) and elemental analyzers (i.e. N, S and Halogen analyzers) to sample preparation systems, robotics and titrators.  Complementary product lines include data systems such as LIMS, gas generators, lab furnishings and more.
At Qwest we utilize a consultative sales approach to be sure that we have the right products to meet the needs and goals of our customers.  We ensure that we meet their system requirements and budget, in addition to providing them with the finest customer experience, backed by our support and commitment to their success.
Sales and Marketing:
Qwest provides our customers with the best sales and support covering a wide range of products and markets in the West and Southwest Regions.
Qwest develops and delivers customer seminars on-site and via the internet.
Qwest maintains a database of over 10,000 customers and prospects.  We strive for maximum customer interaction via face-to-face sales calls, telephone and email contact.
Qwest participates in local and national trade-shows and events to generate new sales leads.
Support Infrastructure:
Qwest has three support staff members to manage the office and CRM activities including sales leads, quotations, forecasts, customer and vendor contacts, and IT support.

Qwest has invested in servers and CRM software to proficiently handle our customer inquiries. Additionally each member of the sales staff utilizes laptop computers to maximize mobile effectiveness throughout our sales region. Qwest has also invested in a mobile laboratory and office vehicle.